Unlike many advisory firms, our focus is on managing portfolios consisting of individual securities and not mutual funds. This allows us to better:
  • Custom tailor solutions to your investment needs, goals and risk tolerance.
  • Lower your overall net fees as you avoid the charges embedded in mutual fund products
  • Provide flexibility in tax planning and portfolio construction
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The MeadowBrook Process
OUR GOAL is to excel in each step of the investment process. We start by listening to our client to help determine their specific investment objectives and risk tolerances. We then craft a unique program to fit their needs. The process continues with the constant monitoring of the stocks, bonds and other marketable securities included in our client's portfolio to ensure consistency with the investment program. Finally, we maintain ongoing communication with our client so we can work together to keep abreast of new developments. We strive to wrap our combined expertise in the highest level of service.
Key Points
  • Direct access to decision makers with proven track records
  • Highly responsive to client specific needs
  • Emphasize long-term investments in high quality companies with strong fundamentals and reasonable valuations
  • Focused portfolios with 40-50 names in our equity strategies
  • Proven expertise in Core Equity, Small/Mid-Cap Equity, Income Equity, and High Quality Bonds
  • MeadowBrook is 100% employee owned, creating a true commitment to our clients’ and the firm’s success
  • Partners’ personal investments are managed along-side our customers. We don’t ask our clients to own anything we don’t own ourselves
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