What kind of services do you provide?
MeadowBrook provides comprehensive investment advice and money management services to an array of clients including both individuals and institutions. Typically advisory services include recommendations on asset mix, investment style mix and individual security selection.
How long has MeadowBrook been around and what is your background in the investment business?
MeadowBrook Investment Advisors, LLC ("MeadowBrook") is an employee owned, SEC regulated, Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1999. The firm was formed by George Abel, Dale Embry, Robert Grabowski, and Ronald Doyle, all former senior professionals with NBD Bank and First Chicago NBD Investment Management Company. The four members of MeadowBrook have more than 130 years of combined investment management experience. Included in that experience is the management of a large investment organization as well as the management of major business segments including equity research, equity fund management, fixed income fund management and institutional portfolio management. We all have experience in a variety of investment disciplines and a history of accomplishment and excellence in customer service. All four members are owners of the firm and have been with the firm since it received regulatory approval in October 1999.
What sets Meadowbrook apart from other financial advisors?
First, unlike many financial advisors, the majority of our clients' portfolios are invested in individual securities and not packaged products such as mutual funds. This allows our clients to incur fewer imbedded fees and enjoy more control over their taxable gains and losses.

Secondly, we provide a high level of service and communication custom tailored to the needs of our clients. This ongoing communication allows us to adjust our investment strategy to meet any changes in our clients' circumstances. In addition, clients have direct access to the key investment decision makers at our firm.

Finally, MeadowBrook's members invest alongside our clients, further aligning our interests with yours. MeadowBrook believes that there are many benefits to having the assets of MeadowBrook's members and the assets of MeadowBrook's clients managed similarly and has comprehensive policies in place to prevent conflicts of interest.
What kind of clients do you advise?
MeadowBrook offers investment advice to individuals, trusts, pension and profit sharing plans, foundations and charitable organizations.

As of December 31, 2016, MeadowBrook had over $100 million in assets under management for 64 client relationships.
Do I have enough money to invest with you?
The minimum relationship is generally $250,000 of assets under management. Exceptions to this minimum relationship amount are considered on a selected basis. All initial consultations are free of charge.
How do you address my specific investment needs?
Each account is individually tailored to meet the distinct needs and risk tolerance of each client. Therefore, asset allocation and style allocations are unique to each client. Within the various styles, individual security selection is managed to be as similar as possible in the absence of client restrictions. For taxable clients, significant consideration will be given to tax consequences and efforts will be made to achieve favorable after-tax returns.

We begin the investment process by developing client specific investment guidelines or reviewing the current guidelines to make sure they are complete and consistent with the client’s current risk profile. The investor’s profile, combined with long-term capital market risk return relationships, is used to determine each client’s appropriate mix of stocks, bond and cash. MeadowBrook manages each portfolio to the target mix. Strategic deviations occur within a pre-defined range as asset classes meaningfully outperform and underperform one another. We also begin every meeting with a review of the guidelines to see if there are any client driven or market reasons to modify the targets.
How are you paid and how much are your fees?
MeadowBrook utilizes an asset based fee structure. We receive no commission or benefit from recommending one product over another. Our only incentive is to make your assets grow.

Invoices are based on the following fee schedule:
Balanced & Equity Fee Schedule:
  • 1.25% annually on the first $500,000
  • 0.70% on the next $2,500,000
  • 0.50% on the next $7,000,000
  • Over $10,000,000 Negotiated
What other fees might I incur?
Each time we transact in a client's account, the broker charges a commission to the investor. At Charles Schwab, where the majority of our trades occur, the current cost is $12.95 or $4.95 per trade depending on the account size and other account circumstances as determined by Schwab. The cost of trades done with brokers other than Schwab is similar although there is an additional cost to settle the trades at Schwab. In addition to commissions, a small SEC fee is charged to all sales. All trading costs are disclosed on the client's trade confirmation that is provided by the Custodian.

The majority of our assets under management are in individual securities however when we use mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the investor is paying an imbedded fee in addition to our management fee. The most common use is money market funds, used for cash reserves and as sweep vehicles for dividends, interest payments, sales and purchases and disbursements. When choosing a mutual fund or ETF we consider internal management fee levels as part of our overall evaluation, although it may not be the deciding factor. Purchases and sells of ETFs also incur transaction costs similar to individual securities transactions.
What kind of investment strategies do you typically employ?
Equities: MeadowBrook employs a research driven investment approach emphasizing strong fundamentals, reasonable value and portfolio risk control. Fundamental analysis includes evaluating a potential investment's growth prospects, competitive position, strategy and the likelihood of success in implementing that strategy. Valuation analysis includes a variety of relative and absolute valuation techniques. Portfolio risk control centers on diversification, paying particular attention to broad sector weightings. We also continuously monitor of our holding, evaluating developments relative to our expectations. Stocks holdings are reduced or eliminated either as they reach our estimate of full value or due to changes in the fundamental outlook.

Our overall goal is to build a portfolio with above average fundamental characteristics, attractive value measures and controlled overall risk exposure.

Fixed Income: MeadowBrook analyzes the finances of municipalities and corporations available through a number of reliable publications as well as direct contact with the issuer of the securities. These publications include municipal and corporate rating services, prospectuses, official statements and company related news.

Risk is managed through high quality standards and broad diversification in direct and overlapping debt of municipalities and minimal concentrations in the corporate sector.
What discreet products do you offer?
Core Equity- consists primarily of high quality, large, domestically based companies. Portfolio turnover is low.

Small/Mid- consists primarily of higher quality smaller and mid-sized, domestically based companies. Portfolio turnover is moderate.

Equity Income- consists of higher yielding equities that offer some capital appreciation potential.

International Equity- Consists primarily of exchange traded funds (ETFs) offering broad diversification among geographic regions.

Specialty Styles- focusing on high growth or income utilizing individual stocks or ETFs.
Fixed Income:
Portfolio construction is based on each client's needs and risk tolerance. For taxable clients, significant consideration is given to tax consequences and efforts are made to achieve solid after-tax returns.

Assets are invested in investment grade securities (BAA or better). Maturity structures are based on client needs.
Where will my assets be held?
MeadowBrook does not maintain custody of any client assets. Third party custody arrangements are required with the majority of our clients utilizing the institutional services of Charles Schwab.

We are, however, deemed to have custody when we are authorized, by the client, to directly debit our advisory fees from the client’s custodian account. We are also deemed to have custody when a client establishes a letter of instruction or other asset transfer authorization arrangement with their qualified custodian, authorizing us to disburse funds to one or more third parties specifically designated by the client.

This type of arrangement provides our clients with the peace of mind that their assets are safely held at an independent third party and allows us to focus on investment management.
Where can I get further information?
Contact Dale Embry at (734) 953-8688 x2
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