MeadowBrook Investment Advisors is a Livonia, Michigan based Registered Investment Advisory firm with assets under management of over $100 million.
MeadowBrook LLC was formed in 1999 by a group of highly qualified individuals with combined investment experience in excess of 120 years.
The members are seasoned in a variety of investment disciplines and each has a history of accomplishment and excellence in customer service.
MeadowBrook charges clients an asset based fee which links the client’s success with the firm’s success. This structure also avoids any hidden costs.
The firm is employee owned, creating a true commitment to the firm’s and the client’s success and assures continuity of service and performance.
Employees’ personal investment assets are managed along side our customers, further aligning the client’s and the firm’s interest.
MeadowBrook’s Services
Our professionals’ breadth of experience allows us to provide:
  • Portfolio construction, asset mix management and style diversification.
  • Portfolio management of individual equity holdings of larger, high quality companies.
  • Proven, successful management of portfolios in securities of small and mid sized companies.
  • Proven management of high quality bond portfolios.
  • Expertise in integrating complimentary investment styles. (International Equities, High Yield Bonds, Equity Income, etc.)
MeadowBrook’s Clients
MeadowBrook focuses on individuals with a need for a greater level of service and customized portfolio management 
and on selected institutional clients that have specific needs that match MeadowBrook’s strong core competencies.
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